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ACC can provide VoIP

ACC provides VoIP connections to your Telephone System,
VoIP connections to your remote Office/Home, VoIP connection for SIP Trunking, VoIP for Hosted Systems, VoIP connections for secure data.

Telephone System connection: ACC can provide the circuit, the software, the hardware and the programming to make your existing Telephone System a VoIP System.  ACC partners with AT&T, Verizon, TelePacific, XO, Paeteck, and many other carriers to provide the cost effective solution to your telephony needs.
These rates are term and apply for the life of the customer.SIPPACKAGES
Bundled PRI/T1 Replacement Pricing*
23 SIP Trunks:$355.10
- Unlimited local
- 5400 minutes of LD/overage at 2.9¢ per minute
- 50 FREE DID's
- FREE CNAM (Inbound name display to the handset)       

SIPPACKAGESUnlimited PRI/T1 Replacement Pricing**
23 SIP Trunks:
- Unlimited local
- Unlimited long distance

- 50 FREE DID's
CNAM(Inbound name display to the handset)

ACC can connect your existing Telephone System to a remote Telephone System(s), or to remote users.  ACC can also connect your home/international office to your existing Telephone System, $aving time and money over international/long distance calls.  ACC partners with: Cisco, Adtran, NEC, Avaya, Panasonic, IBM, and more major equipment manufacturers to provide more solutions for your business!

ACC provides SIP Trunking at a considerable cost $avings over traditional Trunking.  The VoIP blade/interface can be supplied by ACC, the programming, installation and support as well! Our SIP Trunking Rates are published on this website, check the "Hosted & SIP Trunking" Navigation Link.
ACC can: Provide a Hosted Solution to your Telephone problems, with the telephone system, telephone lines and equipment at our office, smart telephones at your office, links offices or home and office with voice and data, provide VPNs', T1 links, secure links, etc.
ACC can rent or lease short-term or long-term telecommunications equipment using VoIP or digital technology to link sites, link offices, or link home/traveling users with the home base system.
To contact an ACC Representative about our VoIP Services, Hosted Services or SIP Trunking,
                 please call: 877 860-8860, or click here for our contact page...