ACC Telephone Systems
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We are a full-service organization, with a number of specialities.

Computer Networking & Support
Voice & Data Cabling

* Telephone System Sales, Installation & Support
* Computer Equipment, Repair & Networking
* Voice & Data Cabling, including Catagory 6
   and Feeder  *  Security/IP & Analog Cameras
* VoIP *  Hosting *  SIP Trunking * VPN * WAN
* Paging Systems* PA Systems * Audio Systems
* Long Distance and Local Dial Tone
* Consultation *, Training * Management

  •              NEC's Latest Telephone System: The Univerge SV9100 Telephone System
  •            NEC's Main System: The Univerge SV8100 Telephone System            
  •            The World's Number 1 System: The NEC  Telephone System
  •            NEC's Smaller Telephone System: The NEC SL1100 Telephone System 
  •            NECs' other System, The NEC UX-5000 Telephone System 
  •              Avaya IP Office Telephone System
  •              Norstar and BCM from NorTel Networks 
  •              Partner, Magix, Definity, Intuity, Avaya IP Office,
  •              Panasonic, Ericsson, Samsung, Rolm, Siemens 
  •              AT&T, Verizon,Frontier, XO, TelePacific, Sprint
  •      24 Hour Response to Major Outages Everyday, Including Weekends!

Carrier and Business Services:

  1. Long Distance
    Rates and services can be provided to switched (small to medium sized businesses) and dedicated (large corporations) users.
  2. Local Service
    Whether it's adding a new line, moving locations, or entertaining an alternate local phone company.
  3. Internet/Data
    Whether your access needs are, DSL, or T-1, Frame or ATM Networks MANAGED VPN's or MPLS.
  4. 800 - Inbound
    Rates and services can be provided to switched and dedicated users. Enhanced services include routing by area code, time of day, and area code exclusions upon request.
  5. Equipment
    We have established unique alignments with various different equipment vendors, who may provide support and/or maintenance to your existing equipment. We can also provide proposals for new equipment and technical advice. Please call for recommendations.
  6. Enhanced Services
    For businesses with more specific requirements, the following is a brief listing of services provided by carriers we represent:
    • Voice Mail
      Due to our unique alignment services we've established with various carriers, outside providers, and hardware vendors, we are able to offer services ranging from 800 number access to various menu driven options to live operators.
    • Teleconferencing
      Audio and video conferencing is available. Whether you have a pre-planned meeting scheduled for your sales force or an entire seminar/class scheduled for your customers, this can be an exciting feature to keep everyone up to date without additional (and costly) travel expenses.
    • Fax Broadcasting
      This service has been developed to save you time and money. A single document can be sent to up to 1,000 recipients simultaneously with no additional equipment to purchase.  

Networking and Data Services:

  • On-Site 24 Hour Response to Computer & Network Outages!
  • Dell, Gateway, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Acer, Cisco and Microsoft Partner.
  • Networking, Servers, Routers, integration, support
  • Data mirroring,data back-up, data entry
  • Extraordinary Service
  • Catagory 5e and Catagory 6 Cabling
  • Hubs, Switches, Racks Installed